Custom accordian doors

Accordion Partitions offer a flexible and economical solution in making a space multifunctional. When your space requires visual separation, accordion partitions can be an effective tool when dividing a space. There are two types of accordion partitions.

First is a sight partition. This partition is the most cost-effective solution when sound transmission is not the main consideration between spaces.

Second is a sound partition. These will divide the space and help to control the sound between each space. We offer three partitions with STC (sound transmission classification) Ratings of 40, 38, and 37.

Whether you choose an accordion partition for sound of sight all partitions are constructed from high quality materials. All accordion partitions have a welded steel frame and heavy-duty carrier trolleys. Each partition is equipped with sweeps to help seal out sound and offered in varied colors and patterns.

We offer accordion partitions that will fit multiple space requirements.

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